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  • About Us
    Chane Audio was founded in 2000 by Canadian guitar enthusiast, electronics technologist and singer/guitarist, George Reynolds. George has been gigging and building guitars and amps for more than 40 years. Please call or drop in to meet George and see our great selection of guitars, amps, PA gear, and stage lighting.

Services We Offer

Amplifier repairs and mods, Eye-of-the-Cobra, British Grind, DC Filaments, power cord upgrade, kit building and support, channel linking, tone stack lift switch, master volume, and other custom work.
Guitar setup, repairs, mods, fret levelling, refretting, restringing, truss rod adjustment, refinishing, headstock repair, new tuners, new pickups, rewiring, pull switch for tapped pickups, guitar appraisal and other custom work.
Repairs to PA gear, guitar amps, power amps, solid state amps, tube amps, hybrids, vintage hifi gear, etc.
Speaker reconing, cabinet re-Tolexing, custom cabinet building, vintage amp restoration.
Weekly guitar lessons and summer series of workshops for guitar, vocals, playing with a band, etc.
PA system, guitar amp, stage lighting, and other equipment rentals.
Tube testing and bias check

New Products
Washburn, Takamine, Ovation, Chauvet, Chane Audio amplifiers, Digitech Effects American DJ, Oscar Schmidt, Weber Speakers, Gibson, Fenders Accessories, Jim Dunlop, Augustine, Martin, Ultimate Support, and more.

Used Products
Yorkville, Traynor, Gibson, Marshall, Crate, Peavey, Fender, Dean Markley, Stagg, GBX, Ampeg, Polytone, Kalamazo, Epiphone, Cobra, Riviera, Standel, and many more. Guitars by Gibson, Fender, B.C. Rich, ESP, Hagstrom, Goya, Oscar Schmidt, Washburn, Samick, Ibanez, Squier, Epiphone, J.B. Player, Lyon, Kay, Silvertone, Harmony, Route 101, Yamaha, Lado, and many more. PA Gear by Shure, Mackie, Yorkville, EV, Nady, Peavey, Crown, and many more.

Please contact us for rentals of amps and sound equipment.

Our Luthier

Chane Audio is proud to offer all types and levels of repairs to Martin, Gibson, Guild, Taylor, Larrivee, and any other hi-end instrument. Our certified luthier is one of Canada's best skilled craftsmen.



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